Trzęsów przywitał wakacje

2015-07-08 Trzęsów przywitał wakacje (fot.

For the third time Trzęsów (gm. Grębocice) held on the sports field Family Picnic on holiday greeting. Like last year took place on the first weekend of July (4.07), and the Organizers have provided for all the many attractions and a large dose of music.

From the start of the holidays most children enjoy, so for them it was directed most of the proposals. And there was plenty to choose from! Animators from the Municipal Cultural Centre in Grębocicach Carried out games, painted faces and Showed how to let go of huge bubbles. The good humor took care of clowns who every now and then dropped in on the fun ideas. The biggest fun for the little ones were free inflatable castles and waffles. The game was fantastic and there was even a terrible heat, as firefighters rozstawili water curtain, Which were cool not only children but also adults. Local TSO also prepared a brief demonstration of Their skills.

Before the audience presented Their bands: “Rowan” with Rzeczyca and the “Glen” from Rudna, as well as youth teams from Kwielice and Kłobuczyn and hip-hop group Egon. The event ended with a disco under the stars.

In preparing the picnic many people it Involved, Including, inter alia, Community Centre and Library in Grębocicach, the Association of Countryside Partnership Trzęsowie, local businesses, and Organizations from Trzęsowa: parish, Volunteer Fire Brigade and the Rural Women Circle. The event was co-financed by the commune office in Grębocicach. The picnic took place in a family atmosphere and even newcomers can feel like trzęsowianie, and today Organizers invite to next year’s edition of this event.

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